Performance of fractured wells with complex geometry hydraulic fractures modeling

Andreev E.Yu. “RN-BashNIPIneft” LLC Ufa
Volkov M.G.
Islamov R.A.
Makeev G.A.
Sotnichenko I.V.
DOI: 10.24412/2076-6785-2023-2-51-54

The development of hard-to-recover reserves with reservoir permeability less than 0,5 mD poses challenges for specialists to increase the profitability of oil production. The main direction of solving this problem is to increase productivity by drilling horizontal wells with a liner length of more than 1 000 m and performing multi-stage hydraulic fracturing. The design and implementation of promising designs of hydraulic fracturing fractures requires new approaches to assess their predictive productivity. Existing analytical and numerical methods for calculating predicted productivity use average fracture parameters. In practice, designs are often characterized by complex geometry and uneven distribution of conductivity in the volume of the hydraulic fracture. The use of incorrect algorithms for determining the average parameters of fractures leads to a significant deviation of the dynamics of the actual well flow rate from the calculated one. This leads to the use of non-optimal designs during hydraulic fracturing and a decrease in the profitability of extraction from hard-to-recover resources. To improve the quality of evaluation of hydraulic fracturing design efficiency, a technique for integrating a hydraulic fracturing simulator and a hydrodynamic simulator has been developed, which allows performing a correct calculation of well productivity.

Materials and methods
To solve the problem, the work proposes:
•    designing perspective designs in hydraulic fracturing simulator;
•    import of designed designs into hydrodynamic simulator;
•    calculation of well productivity with designed hydraulic fractures in a hydrodynamic simulator;
•    selection of an effective design for pilot testing and implementation.

hard-to-recover reserves, hydrodynamic modeling, hydraulic fracturing, hydrodynamic simulator, hydraulic fracturing simulator
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