New generation of upgraded oil pumps 2NK and 2NPS type

V.A. Golovin Bobruisk Machine Building Plant Bobruisk, Belarus
Article about centrifugal pumps for the oil refining, petrochemical, mining, steel, pulp and paper, power, cement industry, as well as for pumping waste water in municipal, industrial and agricultural water supply. And in terms of pumping equipment article describes information about traditional oilpumps of the (1.2) NC, (1.2) NPS, NSD-E type. Also in the article we describe theproduction of a new design oil pump 2NKand 2NPS type, which Conform to the requirements of API 610.
Materials and methods
Oil cantilever pumps 2NK type and multistage pumps 2NPS type with longitudinal slot.
As a result of these activities increased efficiency pumps 5-7%. This will significantly reduce energy consumption. Operation of onlyone modernized 2NPS 200-700 type pump would save about 300,000 kilowatt / hour of electricity per year.Significant savings in the operation will be from increased reliability, since MTBF is increased 3 times, average overhaul in 2.5 times, the average full service life in 2 times.
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