Laminar pumps and new advanced technologies

Victor A. Benderovich Ltd "P&S” Moscow, Russian Federation  
Eduard D. Lunatsi Ltd "P&S” Moscow, Russian Federation
Andrey V. Nozdrin Ltd "P&S” Moscow, Russian Federation  
Anna E. Sheina Ltd "P&S”, Moscow State Automobile & Road Technical State University Moscow, Russian Federation  
Well known that pumps pumping abrasive liquids have a short lifetime. Laminar pumps (disk pumps), produced in Russian Federation, are able to pump high viscosity clean and abrasive liquids. Application of the laminar pumps could increase lifetime and reliability, decrease maintenance costs and labor works, improve technology process. The laminar pumps even could improve the quality of a pumping liquid during maintenance. Constructions and different applications cases of the laminar pimps are given in this article.
Materials and methods
Practical applications of installed laminar pumps at different factories.
Laminar pumps have proved their efficiency pumping viscosity and abrasive liquids. Laminar pumps which have reliable and simple constructions are able to pump black oil, mud fluid, mud and etc.
Laminar pumps could be used in oil industry to pump clean and abrasive viscosity liquids. An application of pumping mud fluid is given in this article.
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