Increase between the repair period of dynamic pumps for oil products transfer

Lenar M. Akhmetzyanov Oil and Gas Production Department "Almetyevneft" PJSC "Tatneft" Almetyevsk
Ilnar N. Garipov Oil and Gas Production Department "Almetyevneft" PJSC "Tatneft" Almetyevsk
PJSC TATNEFT is implementing a program to optimize production and reduce its own costs. Reducing the cost of operating onshore oilfi d equipment is one of the most important tasks under the program. This article describes a method to increase the turnaround time of pumping units for pumping the produced liquid by upgrading equipment.
Optimization of costs in the operation of pumping equipment.
The implementation of a set of measures for the introduction of the proposed technical solutions provides, on the whole, an increase in the effi iency of production processes in the operation of pumping equipment, the creation of favorable and safe working conditions for maintenance personnel, and the reduction of the company's costs by preventing the abandonment of oilfi d equipment.
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