Simulation of the residual stressed state of threadon the pipes of oil and gas assortment under the conditions for the surface plastic deformation

Mikhail V. Pesin Department of “Innovative engineering technology” PNRPU (Perm National Research Polytechnic University), PKNM Perm, Russian Federation  
Carried out the numerical simulation of the surface plastic deformationof bottom of thread by deep roll with the use of a packet ABAQUS. Determined the values of residual stresses with the different valuesof roller depression.
Materials and methods
Methods of mathematical modeling, programset ABAQUS.
Problem formulation of the hardening working of thread bottom is made. It is carried out numerical experiments and determined residual stresses.
1. The constructed physical and mathematical models for calculating the hardening working of bottom of thread made it possible to conduct a numerical study of the deeproll thread with the aid of the program set ABAQUS on the pipes of differentassortment. 2. It is determined the influence of the technological parameters of the hardening working of bottom of thread on the value of residual stresses with obtaining of the graphic dependences of the plastic deformations, which appear in the thread from the applicable loads, the diameter of a roller and radius with its apex.
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hardening deep roll thread residual stresses surface plastic deformation