Reacting pipes with increased operation life for petrochemical plants

Sergey V. Afanasiev Togliattiazot, JSC, Togliatti state University Togliatti, Russian Federation
Stanislav P. Sergeev GIAP, LSC Moscow, Russian Federation
Alexander V. Pyrkin Reaktsionnye truby, LLC Togliatti, Russian Federation
Alexey S. Afanasiev Togliattiazot, JSC Togliatti, Russian Federation
Centrifugal-casted pipes of high-temperature steels and alloys are widely used in many branches of engineering. For example, radiant pipes are used in thermal furnaces with protective atmosphere, hearth rolls are used in continuous thermal and heating furnaces of ironworks, rollers are used in continuous annealing units etc. Opportunity of increasing of natural gas high-temperature conversion working parameters on the methanol and ammonia units is very important question, because temperature and pressure increasing not only raise up productivity of units, but also decreasesproduct cost price and allows to get hydrogen with higher purity.
Materials and methods
Test of the products with new high-temperature alloy via metallographic microscope on the frosted glass.
Due to implemented elaborations, industrial production of pipes with thickness 9-12 mm and length 6 m has been organized in the Reakcionnyje truby Ltd. as well as collectors and legs for the ammonia, methanol and hydrocarbon pyrolysis units, exploited with temperature up to 1100C and pressure up to 5 MPa. Austenitic alloys are saved by the Russian Federation patents and marked with prestigious awards of Moscow Multinationalsalon Archimed. Products of the plant are successfully used on the ammonium units JSC "Togliattiazot" and methanol units Tomet Ltd. Pipes implementation on the ammonium systems type AM-76 and Kemiko has increased reforming furnaces production on more than 30% and essentially decreased consumption rates of the natural gas [10]. Quality management system according to ISO 9001-2088 is implemented at the plant, products meet requirements of the UC certificate of conformity.
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