Priorities of increase of competitiveness of a petrochemical complex of Kazakhstan

Oleg I. Egorov Institute of economy of the Ministry of Education and Science Atyrau, Kazakhstan
Olga A. Chigarkina Institute of economy of the Ministry of Education and Science Atyrau, Kazakhstan  
In article expediency of complex use of hydrocarbonic resources in the course of further development of the Kazakhstan oil and gas complex for increase of its competitiveness is proved.
Materials and methods
Information base of research made: legislative and regulations of the Government of Kazakhstan, statistical data of Agency according to RK, the actual data containing in foreign and domestic editions, materials of conferences, monographic researches, articles in periodicals. Research methods: system, complex and evolutionary approaches, logical and statistical analysis.
Low efficiency of use of oil and gas in processes of their processing is wellknown. In this regard, in article real options of increase of an exit of end products that will promote increase of competitiveness of oil processing and oil and gas chemistry, increase in an export potential of the country are offered. Statement of this problem is important in the conditions of carried-out new building of objects of petrochemistry and modernization of oil refineries in Kazakhstan.
Formation in Atyrausky area of new objects of oil processing, oil and gas chemistries will give a new impulse in increase in a share of processing sector, will allow to develop wide scale of products demand on which annually increases in the internal and external markets. The enterprises of this kind are that kernel on which the petrochemical cluster will be based and round which all production and social infrastructure, the enterprises of small and medium business can develop.
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petrochemical complex hydrocarbonic potential complex use of raw materials competitiveness