Methods for treatment and ethylene recovery from fluidized catalytic cracking off-gases

Andrei S. Churilin MSUFCT M.V. Lomonosova Moscow, Russian Federation
Nina I. Zelentsova VNIIOS-science Moscow, Russian Federation

There is shown the economic feasibility of the construction for ethylene recovery plant from fcc off-gases to increase the profitability of petrochemical production. The literature data on methods for treatment fcc off-gases from contaminants are extended. The technologies for ethylene recovery are described from which the most effective one in terms of capital expenditure is selected
Materials and methods
Data on the effect of contaminants in the fcc off-gas for processes, methods for its treatment, and the subsequent ethylene recovery
1. A list of all the possible contaminants in fcc off-gases as well as a review of methods for their removal using advanced catalysts and adsorbents is shown. 2. Different schemes of ethylene purification and recovery from fcc off-gases by the low-temperature separation, adsorption and absorption are presented. 3. The absorption technology is recommended by comparison as the most effective one in terms of capital and operating costs.
The use of absorption technology for fcc off-gases separation can provide ethylene with minimum costs for contaminants removal
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Off-gas fluidized catalytic cracking ethylene recovery contaminants removal absorption low-temperature separation