Investigating sweetening low octane HC fracturing process with organically modified zeolite catalysts

Elena A. Zelenskaya InjGeo Krasnodar, Russia  
Tatyana V. Zelenskaya Kuban State Technological University Krasnodar, Russia  
The article analyzes possibility to improve quality of target product of catalyst sweetening of low octane HC fractures of various boiling temperature, establishes association between feedstock composition and catalyst physical/chemical characteristics. Resultant product composition is investigated
Materials and methods
Organically modified catalyst Н-ЦВК-ТМ-1327
Considerable increase of HC fractures octane number may be caused by reaction processes of izomerization and alkylation at active catalyst centers.
The results obtained give another proof possibility of considerable increase of octane number of fractures with low boiling limit within sufficiently moderate conditions resulting in considerable reduction of power consumption in process of crude secondary treatment.
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Catalyst catalyst sweetening boiling temperature low octane feedstock