The salt oxazalones as prospective additive for zeolite catalysts in oil refining

Elena A. Zelenskayaya CJSC "SRIDS "InjGeo" Krasnodar, Russian Federation
Tatyana V. Zelenskayaya KubGTU Krasnodar, Russian Federation
The presented study is focused on the use of oxazolone salts as organic modifiersfor zeolite catalysts recycling of oil and petroleum products. In the paper described in details the method of preparation of organic salts, ways of application the modifying agent on the surface of the catalyst, also were selected the optimum parameters of the catalytic process and was presented detailed analysis of the composition catalyzate.
Materials and methods
Modified zeolite catalyst, salt oxazolone. Motor method.
The use of particular catalytic system allowed achieving max improvement of octane number (15 points according motor method) without significant energy cost. So obtained results are ground for suggestion that salt oxazalones can be used as organic modifying factor for zeolite catalysts which will lead to new energy-saving technologies for the production of high-octane motor fuels.
The uniqueness of the work lies in the availability and low cost of modifying agents for their high efficiency and environmental friendliness. Thus, the conduct of refining low-octane feed process in the proposed conditions will not only reduce production costs high-octane components of motor fuels, but also creating the basis for a new process of"green chemistry".
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