Modern possibilities and methods for the detection of critical deformation of engineering structures

Vladimir G. Avhadeev MIIGAiK Moscow, Russian Federation
Andrey A. Mayorov MIIGAiK Moscow, Russian Federation
Petr I. Savostin MIIGAiK Moscow, Russian Federation
Konstantin S. Fedorov Design Company "PROMTERRA" Moscow, Russian Federation
Sergey S. Myasnikov NGOs "Laser systems" Moscow, Russian Federation
The paper discusses issues related to the development of modern high-precision measuring instruments for monitoring construction projects. The advantages and disadvantages of the existing methods of monitoring the state of the construction projects. Isolated aspects of the problem of having to use stationary monitoring systems engineering spatial position of objects. The measurements are made relative to the reference lines created by laser radiation generated by special optical components. Register offsets produced relative to the center of the laser scanning radiation of a master reference direction by the reflected laser beam in the direction of the pulse analyzer, rigidly attached to the object to be measured. When measured basic direction defined by the center scan aligned to the centers of the first and last analyzers measuring brand with the required accuracy. Automation of processes controlling the operation of the system allows us to hope for a speedy completion of the entire instrument of measuring complex and successful implementation in those sectors of the economy requiring highly accurate in determining the critical deformation of engineering structures. Monitoring of engineering objects, laser measuring systems, the critical deformation structures, spatial coordinates of object points, geodetic measurements.
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