Computed radiography and radiographic testing with X-Ray films. The comparison of artificial flaws detection. The practical recommendations for CR technique applications and equipment maintenance

Kirill A. Bagaev Newcom-NDT Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
Anatoly B. Spirkov PROMETEY Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
The paper describes the experimental workfor quality of radiographic images taken using X-ray film and computed radiography systems (CR) determination. The experimental studies were briefly described. The results of the research were provided. The main emphasis is made on the comparison of the flaw detection in radiographic inspection with films and with the CR systems. The article also provides the practical guide for the CR systems selection and their applications. There is also a shortoverview of periodical user tests that should be performed to verify CR system performance.The article ends with conclusions aboutthe applicability of Computed Radiography technology in the industry.
Materials and methods
The computed radiography system DuerrHD-CR 35 NDT, imaging plates Duerr HD-IP Plus, the X-Vizor software, Agfa NDT D4,D5 and RT-K X-ray films, the set of samples of various thicknesses and image quality indicators.
The article provides conclusions about the applicability of Computed Radiography technology in the industry as analternative to radiographic films.
1. The information content of digital radiographic images from Duerr CR system, is not worse than standard technology using radiographic film AGFA NDT D4.2. The use of computed radiography may lead to a significant reduction in thetime control in many applications.3. The CR systems application to replace film radiography is possible, with clear parameters regulating the exposure and imaging plates, which should provide the sufficient image quality.4. To obtain high-quality images, users should comply with the CR manufacturers’ recommendations and make periodic tests of the storage plates and a scanning device.5. The exposure conditions and settings of imaging plates read-out device should be listed in the documentation for inspection.
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computed Radiography imaging plates X-Ray films the standard ISO 16371-1 2 GOST 7512-82