X-ray film digitizing systems for radiographic inspection of industrial facilities

Kirill A. Bagaev Newcom-NDT Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation kb@newcom-ndt.ru
Anna I. Uludintseva NORD-NDT Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation anna@nord-ndt.ru

The article provides an overview of X-ray film digitizer systems offered on the Russian market. The performance specification, advantages and disadvantages of digitizers were considered. The survey uses to not only authors own research, but also reports of equipment manufacturers and the Berlin Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM). The conclusions are about the applicability of the digitizers in an industrial environment. It provides guidelines on the choice of digitizer, depending on the problem, perfomance and price.
Materials and methods
4 models of X-Ray film digitizers from different manufacturers were used
The X-Ray film digitizers specifications were compared. The Price / performance ratio was shown graphically.
Digitizer of X-Ray films represented on the Russian market significantly differ in specifications and price range. The choice in favor of a particular model should be done on the basis of optical density range of films to be digitized. If the density of the films is less than 4.0 OD it is recommended to choose a digitizer from middle price range. And just for the films with a higher density the Hi-End digitizers should be recommended.
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ГОСТ 7512 Digitization of X-ray films contrast sensitivity in optical density spatial resolution GOST 7512