Microtek MII 900 Plus digitizer and ISO-14096 standard

Kirill A. Bagaev Newcom-NDT Sankt-Petersburg, Russia  
Alexander L. Gorchakov Newcom-NDT Sankt-Petersburg, Russia  
The fundamentals of ISO-14096 was observed. The evaluation of X-Ray films digitizer Microtek MII 900 Plus was produced. The optical density range and spatial resolution were estimated. The reference radiograph and X-Vizor software was used in evaluation. The achieved digitizer class is DS according to ISO-14096.
Materials and methods
The reference radiograph 176, digitizer Microtek MII 900 Plus and X-Vizor software were used.
The comprehensive evaluation of Microtek MII 900 Plus was performed.
Digitizer Microtek MII 900 Plus corresponds to DS class according to ISO-14096. Newertheless, it is recommended for use with films of densities less than 3.5 D.
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X-Ray film digitization spatial resolution density contrast sensitivity