Review of mass flow measurement methods

Valery V. Kortiashvili ”EMIS” CJSC Chelyabinsk, Russian Federation
E.I. Krakhmalev ”EMIS” CJSC, Department of automation and management, South Ural State University Chelyabinsk, Russian Federation  
The article describes the basic principles for determining the mass flow rate by modern flow measurement devices. It were proposed the comparison of methods on the example of a vortex flowmeter, mass flowmeter,hot-wire flowmeter on the experience of the using in different enviroments. Basic principles to flowmeter selection were listed. Also were revealed main advantages thatcan be obtained by using the particular type of devices and were named most importantfactors to making a choice of instruments.
Materials and methods
Vortex flowmeter EMIS-VIHR 200, mass flowmeter EMIS-MASS 260, Thermatel TA2.
Thermal mass measurement method is the best at working in gas environment. The vortex measurement method suited to measuresteam flow rate, and the coriolis measurement method to measure liquid flow rate.
Each of named measurement methods suit to particular measure purpose. Often devices could be used in the same time to obtain precise measurements and/or to save money.
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