Is it worth to hang a leg

Alexander Ermakov Novosibirsky branch of SPC"Sim-Ross"
SPC "Sim-Ross" almost through out its existence based its work so as to supply the market with new products that best meet the spirit of the time. It is because of this style of SPC "Sim-Ross" in the head of his priorities puts communication with developers,and during which there is an exchange of information on new technologies and trends in the production of wires and cables. Wasno exception, and the family of the cables in the isolation of the EPR, presented by the company in the market under the trade brand CREOLON®.
Materials and methods
Analysis, comparative analysis.
Using the described quality cables inisolation of ethylene-propylene rubber, and answering jokingly question posed in the title of thismaterial — is it worth to hang a leg to lay rubber (cables in isolation from EPR) — the answer — yes, it worth!
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cable insulated with ethylene propylene rubber CREOLON®