The water influence onto a hydroscopick filler cable properties

D.V. Khvostov SIMPEC Moscow, Russian Federation  
E.M. Vishnyakov MEPHI Ozersk, Russian Federation  
There are water influence onto same electric parameters of a cable with a hydroscopick filler is in investigations with a high precision methods, designed in SIMPEC. It is confirmed the reason to forbid such fillers using, as ordered in standard IEC 60079-14-2011 (Explosive atmos-pheres-part 14: Electrical installation desine, selection an erectiоn (IDT)).
For all these reasons the cables to the hydrophilic content is not advisable to use in areas with potentially explosive atmosphere.
Ban standard [4] on the use of hygroscopic fillings design spark and explosion-proof cables justified. Which fact is confirmed by the supervisory authorities [9, 10]. Application methods accurate control cable parameters, such as the passage of timein which the pulse signals can detect the penetration of water into the core, and the other cable failure or defects appearing during its operation, long before it can be detected byconventional methods. For example, monitoring the insulation resistance between the signal wires sensors accidents heating mains. Oneof the most important results of research is to measure the group velocity of the signals on the link whose accuracy. mainly determined by the accuracy class of the line length.
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