Efficient utilization technology of petroleum gas at oil separation last stage

Ilmer Yu. Khasanov Bashkir State University, Sterlitamak Branch Sterlitamak, Russian Federation npc-sherik@mail.ru
Boris S. Zhirnov Ufa State Petroleum Technological University (USPTU) Salavat Branch; Salavat, Russian Federation jbc2@mail.ru
Ural R. Ilyasov USPTU, Ishimbay Branch Ishimbay, Russian Federation ilyasovu@gmail.com
Vladimir I. Rogozin USPTU, Salavat Branch Salavat, Russian Federation npc-sherik@mail.ru
It is proposed a new process and equipment for gas/vapor recovery at last stage of oil separation to obtain commercial product - broad fraction of light hydrocarbons (NGL) - directly at oil fields. The process is based on compression of low pressure gas and "hot" separation of condensate in a multipurpose separator developed by the authors. The method is available for recovering of combination gases and in gas industry in a late stage of gas production at specific hydrocarbon deposits.
Materials and methods
Computer aided study of mass-exchangeprocesses in the course of contact degassing and fractionating of low pressure gases from oil separation at a modern computer complex taking into account feed stock composition, actual loadings and technological parameters in the course of oil and low pressure gases treatment.
It is proposed a new waste-free process and equipment for processing of low-temperature gases at oil separation. NGL obtained using the developed process and equipment is valuable feed stock for petrochemicals production. It can be used for production of liquefied hydrocarbon gases (LHCG) and stable gas condensate or LHCG and fatty semi-finished product suitable for compounding with stock-tank oil to increase its gasoline potential at producing of ASKT condensed aviation fuel.
The developed method of low pressure petroleum gas processing to obtain commodity NGL can find practical application by subsoil users at implementation of Gas programs.
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low pressure gas separation condensation unstable gas condensate broad fraction of light hydrocarbons (NGL)