Complex inhibition technology of bituminous insulating materials for the purpose of reduction of technogenic influence on ecology

Alim F. Kemalov Kemalov Kazan Federal University Kazan, Russian Federation
Ruslan A. Kemalov Kazan Federal University Kazan, Russian Federation
Influence of element sulfur as softener on process of inhibition bitumen polymeric filming agent is studied.
Materials and methods
Physic mechanical properties of bituminous insulating materials, catalysis, ecological monitoring, insulating materials, inhibition.
On carried out physic mechanical and electrochemical researches of thepigmented BIM modified by polymers and inhibited element sulfur it was established that polymers are an important component of bituminous filming agent since the hardness and adhesion of coverings considerably increasing.
In this work consistent patterns of change physicomechanical and the BIM insulating properties are determined at combination with pigments and fillers. Expanded laboratory researches according to thequalitative characteristics filled withBIM with positive results are carried out. The assessment of the inhibiting ability of element sulfur as a filler of polymeric materials for the purpose of reductionof technogenic influence on ecology is carried out by the conducted researches
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