Ways of solution the environmental problems in the oil sector

Viktor M. Mukhin Dmitry Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia, JSC “ENPO “Neorganika” Electrostal, Russian Federation victormukhin@yandex.ru
The paper presented application of active carbons, carbon and sorption technologies based on them to solve environmental problems in the production, transportation and processing of oil. Also were forecasted the demands in the active carbons for petroleum and petrochemical industries of the Russian economy.
Based on the above, the oil and petrochemical industry in Russia requires about 14 500 tonnes a year of active coal of various grades. This obviously is about 20% of the total needs of our country in the active carbons, and almost 50% of the proportion of imported carbon adsorbents.
Thus, the prompt establishment of new industries activated carbons in the Russian Federation on the basis of domestic coalmaterial (primarily the Kuzbass), definitely will give a powerful impetus to the development of the productive forces and to ensure the effective protection of the environment, which fully fits into the concept of sustainable developmentand the creation of high quality of life.
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activated carbons ecology oil and oil products environmental protection carbon and sorption technologies