Influence of development of deposits with super-visible oils, with non-traditional resources and natural bitumens on ecology

Tasliya M. Murtazina general director Geodrilproekt LLC, Kazan, Russian Federation
Liliya Z. Anisimova researcher IPEM TAS, Kazan, Russian
Il'mir R. Fakhrutdinov junior researcher IPEM TAS, Kazan, Russian
DOI: 10.24411/2076-6785-2019-10054

One of the significant sources of the increase in reserves and oil production at the present stage are deposits of super-viscous oils (natural bitumen), the geological resources of which in the Republic of Tatarstan range from 1.5 to 7 billion. The fields of super-viscous oils have their own characteristics: small depths and sizes, oils have high density and viscosity.

Every year, as the oil industry develops, the technological impact on the environment and the geological environment is intensifying.

In the second half of the last century, the first symptoms appeared, indicating the alarming consequences of intensive mining.

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