Adaptive fuzzy algorithm of control of induction motor

The proposed adaptive fuzzy logic controller takes advantages of both sliding mode control (SMC) and proportional integral (PI) control. Stability analysis based on Lyapunov theory is presented. The chattering action of SMC is attenuated and robust performance to unknown external disturbance can be ensured. The simulations results for a IM 5АМ112М4 10 kW are presented to verify the effectivenessoftheproposedmethod. sliding mode control (SMC), Lyapunov theory, fuzzy logic An adaptive fuzzy sliding algorithm offersfor a management by an induction motor with unexactly well-known parameters and load torque changing in the set limits. An algorithm allows to provide desirable descriptions of adjusting, invariance to self-reactance indignations and changes of loading descriptions, to eliminate peak vibrations in sliding control system of induction drive.
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induction motor proportional integral (PI) control stability analysis Lyapunov аpproach