Improving energy efficiency and reliability of cathodic protection stations

Yuriy B. Egorov Elteh Tver, Russian Federation  
Oleg L. Lun'kov Elteh Tver, Russian Federation
The article deals with methods to improve the efficiency and reliability of cathodic protection stations in comparison with different types of plants used.
The use of this set of measures to snizheniThe use of this set of measuresto reduce losses in the inverter allowed toget developed Ltd. "Digital Technologies" resonance cathodic protection station modular "Tvertsa-CM" efficiency value of98% and eliminate the use of radiators for cooling the switching transistors.
The best results for reducing energy losses in CPS operation can be achieved when using inverter stations, which can significantlyincrease the efficiency of the entire range of power consumption. Another rational solution is to increase the efficiency of the modularity of cathodic protection stations with the ability to connect the power modules as the need arises.
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