Energy-efficient drive systems are designed and manufactured by EKRA Ltd.

Marks I. Altshuller EKRA Cheboksary, Russia  
Sergey A. Lazarev EKRA Cheboksary, Russia  
Considered converter equipment produced by EKRA Ltd. is used in high-voltage electric drive voltage of 6 kV and 10 kV, with a capacity of 12.5 MVA and aspects of its application to solving energy, resources drive, as well as process automation.
Materials and methods
Experience of implementation. Processing of the results of experimental studies.
Introduced Softstarter and variable frequency drive with synchronous and asynchronous motors in automated control systems of technological equipment JSC "Transneft"
Application of frequency-controlled electric pump unit provides power savings of up to 40%. The use of the soft starter motor reduces its starting currents and removes the limitation on the number of starts.
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transportation of oil electric drive frequency inverter soft starter automation of the process