The use of real-time simulators in oil and gas companies

Dmitriy O. Mochalov ChEAZ-ELPRI Cheboksary, Russian Federation
Janez V. Zakonjsek EnLAB Cheboksary, Russian Federation
Mikhail A. Shamis EnLAB Cheboksary, Russian Federation
Oil and gas companies consist of electric power-generating facilities, distribution networks and consumption facilities. In the conditions of stable development of power systems of oil and gas companies and their complication, behavior of power systems must be studied both in normal and abnormal modes. Real time digital simulators (RTDS) help to solve these problems fast and qualitatively. Thearticle is about using RTDS for research processes in power systems of oil and gas companies.
Materials and methods
Scientific review
RTDS are becoming more common among developers and manufacturersof electrical equipment, grid companies, research centres and universities. Such simulators are used for solving complex technical tasks that occur during increased complexity of the equipment and increased integration of power systems of oil andgas companies. They are advantageous to use when the traditional methods of calculation and research can’t be applied, or their application leads to a long and expensive process of getting results.
The main advantages of RTDS are: • the ability to connect real equipment to the virtual model of power system; • saving time of tasks solving as compared with common methods; • reducing the development time before using equipment in a real power system; • the ability to solve a large variety of tasks. • RTDS can be widely used to study oil and gas company networks.
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