Electric sources of light and lamps. Experience of critical analysis

Vladimir M. Osipov CJSC "PA "Electrotochpribor" Omsk, Russian Federation sht.vo@rambler.ru
Comparison of parameters of electric light sources was conducted on the basis of reference data taking into account influencing factors, typical for the Russian conditions. Also was shown the effect of LED on the developmentof lighting technology. The article contains the results of research on improving measurement of parameters of light sources and luminaires.
Materials and methods
Comparative analysis of reference materials. Synthesis of materials for research aimed at improving the regulation of the parameters of light sources.
The emergence of powerful white LEDs and lamps on the basis of their high light quality and energy efficiency has necessitated the development of new methods for determining lighting and energy characteristics of light sources and luminaires.
In present time white LEDs and their huge speed improvement parameters are more often replacing other light sources from different application areas. Coupled with energy efficiency programms, accepted at all levels up to the world, the transition to LED is inevitable fact of light development.
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