Modern methods of monitoring and technical diagnostics of electrical machines

Zavidey V.I. VNIITF-VEI Moscow
Putilova I.V. Moscow power engineering institute Moscow
Starshinov V.A.
DOI: 10.24412/2076-6785-2023-4-38-44

The article provides an analysis and selection of approaches to the construction of a system for monitoring and assessing the technical condition of powerful electric machines based on multiparameter methods and the Park method. Practical examples of the use of multiparameter tools on induction motors and transformers using a modified thermal imaging method to increase the recognition of defects are given. The role of training and education of personnel of energy enterprises in the development of new methods in the field of monitoring the state of electrical equipment is noted.

Materials and methods
The solution of the problem of detecting and increasing the probability of recognizing defects on induction motors is achieved through the use of a two-stage monitoring process, in which voltage and currents are monitored on a running engine, data processing by the Park method using a thermal imaging method for monitoring the condition of equipment. At the second stage (on a disconnected motor), if there are signs of a defect, a multiparameter control of the stator and rotor windings is carried out according to a known methodology.

asynchronous motors, stator, rotor, monitoring, multiparameter control methods, Park vector analysis method, thermographic method, vibration control
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