Pigmented bitumen insulating materials on the natural bitumens basis

The researches of a filled bitumen paint and varnish materials were carried out in limited scales. It was solving generally narrowpurpose problems of consumer character. The development of scientific and practical bases of processes of a filled bitumen insulating materials with the entering in their structure the technogenic powder waste of petrochemistry, oil refining it was not carried out.
Materials and methods
Pigmented bitumen insulating materials, technogenic powder waste of petrochemistry and oil refining, bitumens,
methods by definition physic mechanical and adhesive прочностных properties, linear copolymers, thermoplastic pitches.
In view of that applicability of bitumens gets the paramount urgency in productionof sheetings because of many
valuable properties (water repellency, water resistance, to protective properties from the high-concentrated acids and alkalis) there is obvious a need expansion of scopes of bitumen materials at the expense of increase in ways and methods of regulation their physic mechanical and adhesive properties.
On the basis of results of the carried-out researches in the field of studying of interaction of refractory bitumens with metals of variable valency — fillers pigments, and also the revealed regularities of interaction and ways of
combination of entered modifiers with a film-forming basis of the received refractory bitumens, it is theoretically
possible to assume that the developed structures bitumen — polymeric inhibited materials can be put on crude from
products of corrosion of a surface of metal designs. Carrying out physical and chemical updating of refractory bitumens promotes strengthening of mechanical durability at the expense of regulation of colloidal structure, assumes use as a film-forming basis the special bitumens received in various conditions, and also production of long-term insulating
materials corresponding state standard specifications 5631 and 312, capable to maintain cyclic atmospheric loadings
without loss mechanical, adhesive and waterproof properties.
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