Chromatodensitometry method for express-determination of octane numbers

Lev V. Machulin Gazprom VNIIGAZ Ukhta, Russia  
In the article applicability of several non-engine methods for express-control of octane numbers was investigated. A new combined chromatodensitometry method was introduced, which allows make a rapid determination of octane numbers without specific equipment. Results of precision program with introduced method and standard engine methods for different types of gasoline was presented in tables. A universal formula for oil-products density recalculation was obtained by means of standard density-temperature tables correlation analysis.
Materials and methods
Test single-cylinder engines UIT-85, gas chromatograph type 3700, densitometers ANT-2 for gasoline, standard fuels (isooctane and n-heptane), gasoline A-76, gasoline Normal-80, gasoline Regular-92, stable catalyzate of molecular sieve reforming, natural hydrocarbon distillates; methods of gas chromatography and densitometry.
A new laboratory method was demonstrated to be an effective for the determination of octane numbers in gasoline samples. The method is easy for use, fast and cost-effective. A typical analysis takes less than 4 min and requires no specific equipment.
In general, this method obviously demonstrates its possibility to provide a regular octane testing program for laboratory control of gasoline production.
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octane number gasoline gas chromatography aromaticity index non-aromatic substrate density