The influence of distance between compressor stationon the vulnerability of gas pipelines SCC in different regions

Mikhail V. Chuchkalov Gazprom transgas Ufa Ufa, Russian Federation
Alexey G. Gareev Gazprom transgas Ufa Ufa, Russian Federation  
The article presents data on exposure to stress corrosion cracking (SCC) high pressure gas pipelines (GP) in the different regions of the country. The causes of deviation of the distribution of accidents GP from general statistics in a number of regions was found.It is shown that the reason for the deviation is excessive hardening of steel and the deviation from the norms of construction.
Materials and methods
Applied mathematical statistics methods,including methods of exploratory analysis.
The overall frequency of accidents and crashes in some regions described by the exponential distribution. This allows you to schedule the order of diagnostics and repair gas pipelines. If there are additional factors such as excessive hardeningof steel, deviation from building codes, accident statistics is subject to the normal law of distribution. In this case, when planning activities to improve the reliability of gas pipeline is required the inclusion of theseadditional factors.
Due to the fact that the statistics of destruction of pipelines, entirely constructed from excessive hardening of steel, located over the normal distribution law when designing new gas pipelines to avoid the use of steel pipes.
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