Simulation of the transient processes occurring in the offshore pipeline at hydrocarbons pumping

Tatiana I. Lapteva ”Gazprom VNIIGAZ” LLC Moscow, Russian Federation
Results of theoretical research of transient processes in the offshore pipeline are stated at closing/opening of shut-off-and-regulating fitting elements, that also it can be applied and to definition of places of leakages of taken product in tubing strings as a result of corrosion or other their destruction. Properties of characteristics of stream in the pipelineare investigated at formation of speed and pressure wave.
Materials and methods
On the basis of the numerical solution of the telegraphic equations the current of pumped-over product in the offshore pipeline has been simulated at closing/opening of elements of the locking regulating fitting.
Calculated values for determination of speed and pressure from time are given, properties of characteristics of stream in the pipeline are researched at formation of waves of speed and pressure, the latches caused by closing/opening.
1. On the basis of the received formulas for offshore pipelines with the locking regulating fitting the analysis of the transient processes caused by their closing/opening is carried out.
2. The received formulas give the chance to define true place of leakage of taken product from pump and compressor pipes without lifting them from well that leads to reduction of time of search of leaks and specific energy consumption.
3. It is necessary to formulate further recommendations about prevention of exceeding of allowable pressures of pipelines at closing/opening of elements of the locking regulating fitting.
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transient processes wave-like behavior of motion reduced factor of linear friction depression wave velocity or pressure jump shut-off-and-regulating fitting velocity amplitude