Pneumatic impact method of cleaning of internal pipeline and equipment deposits

Aleksandr V. Marakhovskiy LLC Asgard service Moscow
Ekaterina O. Savel'eva Moscow Polytechnic University Moscow
The article reviews a pneumatic impact method of cleaning of the heat exchange equipment, and a combined treatment of the surfaces to be cleaned with pneumatic impact and chemical treatment of the internal surfaces. A test bed was created to imitate different modes of equipment cleaning when developing the method.
Materials and methods
Development of the cleaning method for the heat exchange equipment. Creation of the test bed, testing, determination of the method economic efficiency. Using air gun PnIU-200 as an impulse generator, comparison of theoretical data with experimental results.
A row of experiments has shown that the wave impact after the shot tends to increase while moving from the source; repeated wave generation occurs. Pneumatic shots to the unfilled equipment is not efficient for cleaning. The method can be used to clean the pipes and the equipment without their total shutdown with different internal volume in certain power industries such as oil and gas production, oil refining, oil transportation, chemical production and others.
Implementing this technology allows reducing expenses on the repair of the heat exchange equipment, cut expenses on the expensive reagents; the method is environmentally safe, and does not have mechanical effect on the walls of the heat exchanging surfaces.
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