Development of the methodology for assessing the energy efficiency of the main oil pipeline

Razboynikov Aleksandr A. Ph.D., associate professor Tyumen Industrial University
Barsukov Nikolai S. machinist TC JSC "SiburTyumenGaz"

The rising cost of electricity, as well as the rapid development of technology and technology has led to the emergence of more advanced and energy-efficient equipment used in the main transport of oil. Thus, there is an urgent issue in the energy control of equipment to reduce operating costs. This article discusses the methodology for assessing the energy efficiency of the main oil pipeline. 

Materials and methods
The basis of the developed methodology is a mathematical model built on a system of equations solved by the Saaty algorithm. 

Based on the calculations and graphs provided in this article, as well as the parameters used for comparison, we can conclude that the minimum fulfillment of the criteria will indicate the most efficient use of energy resources and the use of more energy-perfect equipment and operating mode. Thus, among the oil pumping stations presented for the study, the most energy efficient oil pipeline will be the main oil pipeline operating from oil pumping station #3. 

A methodology has been developed for evaluating the energy efficiency of the main oil pipeline, which is a universal method of assessment, since it allows for a comprehensive assessment regardless of the equipment used, the length of the pipeline, the pumping volume and other parameters.
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