Relief swirlers for gas engine-compressor units

Eduard A. Petrovsky, Kirill A. Bashmur, Yuliya A. Geraschenko, Vadim A. Makolov, Yuliya N. Shadchina

DOI: 10.24411/2076-6785-2019-10042

A gas flow swirler is provided in the combustion chamber of piston and turbine gas engines for compressor installations. Unlike standard diffuser flow swirlers that have highlighted drawbacks, the article proposes and investigates with the help of the SolidWorks Flow Simulation program module of a hydrodynamic modeling direct-flow swirler with a helical relief. It is shown that the relief swirl can stabilize and mix the flow no less effectively, and probably better than a diffuser. From the point of view of the effectiveness of the flow swirling, various profiles of the relief of the swirler are considered, with a triangular profile highlighted.


Antisurge control system the turbocharger with the regulating valve on suction

Sergey G. Tikhomirov, Denis V. Arapov, Vladimir A. Kuritsyn, Sergey S. Savvin

The scientific work is devoted to the creation of anti-surge compressor control with the input regulating throttle. In article was solved the problem of optimal control of the compressor based on a given safety margin to the surge and braking modes.

turbocharger anti-surge control regulating valve suction Hooke - Jeeves

Mobile nitrogen gas generators TGA series provide an operative supply of compressed gaseous nitrogen in remote areas

Along with the reliability and high performance, oil and gas industry requires nitrogen gas generators capable of the rapid deployment and fast relocation. Tegas company offers a wide range of state of the art mobile nitrogen gas generators TGA series which are mounted on the cross-country type truck chassis.

Tegas Co TGA movable gas nitrogen generators module compressor stations Krasnodar Compressor Plant servicing of the compressor equipment