The results of well tests of the horizontal wells on Yareyskay area

Olga V. Sycheva TyumenNIIgiprogaz Tyumen, Russian Federation
Weak drainage of Yareyskaya area of existing wells in the core area of the field and the high potential productivity of the Cenomanian gas reservoir Yamsoveyskaya field were factors thatdetermine the drilling of new wells in the Yareyskaya area. Conducted by the well test analysis assessing change productive characteristics of the bottomhole formation zone during the work horizontal wells Cenomanian deposits.
Materials and methods
The analytic methods of testing are used. Method of the pressure recoverycurves recording on unstable regime is used for determining of well productive characteristics.
Reasonability of long horizontal well bore drilling is estimated.
Interpretation of pressure recovery curves records in wells permits to draw a conclusion than horizontal wellson Yareyskay area operate effective that confirmed with high meanings of filtration-capacitive properties, high reservoir permeability and well flow rates.Recording pressure recovery curves in wells indicate all flow regimes occurrence which correspond to horizontal wells;angle of pressure recovery curve derivative inclination is equal 0,5.The first part of curve determines well bore influence, the second shows semiradial flow which can be formed with one impermeable formation boundary, and the last part indicates pseudoradial flow.
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hydrodynamic well tests horizontal wells reservoir filtration-capacitive properties