Pilot trials of wave technology during gas condensate preparation to transport

Roman V. Korytnikov TyumenNIIgiprogaz Tyumen, Russian Federation RVKoritnykov@mail.ru
Dmitriy A. Yakhontov Gazprom dobycha Yamburg Novy Urengoy, Russian Federation DAYahontov@mail.ru
Vyacheslav B. Melnikov Gubkin RSU of Oil and Gas Moscow, Russian Federation  
Yuriy G. Pimenov Gubkin RSU of Oil and Gas Moscow, Russian Federation  
Natalya P. Makarova Gubkin RSU of Oil and Gas Moscow, Russian Federation  
Gas condensate is the most valuable product during development and exploration a gas condensate fields. There is necessity of new more effective methods of gas condensate production to reduce consumption of materials and energy spending, and to increase precision of separation gas phase from the hydrocarbonaceous liquid one. One of those processes could be splitting hydrocarbons into a gas and liquid phases by effecting wave ultrasonic field during stabilization stage [1-4].
Materials and methods
Model analysis of wave technology of condensate degassing at test-bench in gas processing plant operation environment by UPMT-15 UKPG-1S ZNGKM.
Gazprom dobycha Yamburg have performed the trials on UMTP-15S UKPG-1S ZNGKM by wave technology prototype of condensate degassing for the first time in the world's practice.
The trials shown that using of gas condensate wave technology enable to reduce an energetic resources costs and gas loss at actual plants. Using this technology at designed projects enable to cut a metal consumption of fractional column and three phase separator. Also it fits to upgrade technical details and increase ecological and process safety of production.
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