Complex energy optimization of compressor stations units

Oleg V. Kryukov Giprogazcenter OJSC Nizhny Novgorod, Russian Federation
It were examined the current state and the main directions of energy saving in gas transportation systems. The system approach to the operational analysis of the basic process units of compressor stations is presented. Dependences of key parameters of gas transport on process installations operation modes, and also models and algorithms providing power efficient work of the main gas pipelines are received.
Materials and methods
Methods of automatic control systems of variable frequency electric drives.
Experimental dependences of power plants optimum work and algorithms of power saving gas transport are presented.
1. Complex issue’s solution of energy saving gas transportation facilities is possible only with the use of modern variable frequency drives technological installations of gas compressor stations. 2. The system analysis and all units and sections of the main gas pipelines simulation has revealed the most effective modes and parameters of work of gas compressor units and gas air cooling units within the limits of linear sites. 3. The developed flow-chart of the general procedure oriented algorithm of selection of optimum parameters of power consumption of gas transport objects allows to achieve the highest level of power efficiency of all the main gas pipeline site taking into account their interference.
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