Prospects of new hydrocarbon discoveries in the thin layers of the mature fi ds in the Perm Krai

Tamara I. Mayorova JSC KamNIIKIGS Perm
Natalja V. Popova JSC KamNIIKIGS Perm
Prospecting new oil and gas deposits in Zuyatskoye field is promising due to its location near fields with oil and gas deposits in the Tula terrigenous and Vereiskian carbonate deposits. Volumetric method of the Tula and Vereiskian is used for hydrocarbon reserves calculation. Calculation of the hydrocarbon reserves were based on the contour maps of the top of pays of the Tula terrigenous and Vereiskian carbonate deposits, net oil maps, results of the production log tests in the pay zones and core analysis. Calculation parameters for the deposits were defined according to the core analysis results, well testing during drilling and casing formation tests, geology and geophysics well data and approved parameters from the adjacent ideal analogues.
Materials and methods
Volumetric method of reserves estimation was applied to define basic parameters required to calculate oil and gas reserves.
Discovering new deposits in the Tula terrigenous and Vereiskian carbonate deposits was a result of the review of the geological materials of Zuyatskoye field; increment of recoverable oil and non-associated gas reserves is obtained.
A discovery of hidden deposits in the mature fields is a result of this work.
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