Geological archives as a source of new knowledge about old oil and gas fields

Borisov Anatoliy S. Sc.D, professor IPEN AN RT; Kazan Federal University
Andreeva Evgenia E. senior researcher IPEN AN RT
Anisimova Liliya Z. researcher IPEN AN RT
Nurieva Evgenia M. Ph.D., associate professor Kazan Federal University
Titov Arsen A. Ph.D. student IPEN AN RT
DOI: 10.24411/2076-6785-2019-10024

The current number of production wells in the territory of the Romashkinskoye oil field is almost two orders of magnitude higher than the number of deep wells drilled to the crystalline basement.It has been proposed to detail the tectonic structure of the crystalline basement using skimming horizons for production wells, the classical method of convergence and digital technologies.
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