Some statistical patterns in concentrations of metals in hydrocarbon and ore deposits

Rodkin Mikhail V. Sc.D., chief researcher Institute of the earthquake prediction theory and mathematical geophysics RAS; Institute of Oil and Gas Problems RAS
DOI: 10.24411/2076-6785-2019-10028

The statistics of the enrichment of the trace elements (TE) composition of oil in relation to the neighboring georesevoirs is considered. It is shown that the greatest enrichment falls on the elements most mobile in the conditions of the Earth’s crust. The second group of enriched elements is formed by the so-called biogenic elements, which indicates the close connection of oils with organic matter. The statistics of TE composition and reserves of hydrocarbon depositsis compared with statistical patterns for ore deposits, based on more available statistical data. A significant commonality of statistical patterns of characteristics of hydrocarbons and ore deposits is demonstrated.
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