Consideration of the geological features of continental deposits during three-dimensional model building

Tamara A. Alekseeva chief specialist “NOVATEK STC” LLC, Tyumen
Yana A. Miryasova senior manager “NOVATEK STC” LLC, Tyumen
Erica Morales geologist Petrolera RN LTD, Caracas, Venezuela
Yaraixa Perez seismic interpreter Petrolera RN LTD, Caracas, Venezuela
Selene Andrade petrophysicist Petrolera RN LTD, Caracas, Venezuela
DOI: 10.24411/2076-6785-2019-10048

The paper describes the results of Rosneft’s activities in the w estern part of the Maracaibo sedimentary basin which is located in the nor th-west part of Venezuela. The paper presents two methods for creating a geological model for optimizing a waterflooding system and extracting residual oil reserves. Pre-condition for the consideration of few methods is uncertainty because of the strata heterogeneity and lo w resolution of the seismic.

Input data, approach and analysis of results have been considered. Differences in approach and strengths and weaknesses of chosen methods were considered.

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