Automated algorithm for selecting an analogue object based on the theory of fuzzy sets

Migmanov R.R. Tyumen petroleum research center LLC Tyumen
Ziazev R.R. Tyumen petroleum research center LLC
Galiullin M.M. Tyumen petroleum research center LLC
DOI: 10.24412/2076-6785-2022-7-15-19

The work is devoted to the creation and testing of a tool for searching and ranking objects-analogues from the field development database based on the theory of fuzzy sets. The implemented functionality allows you to select tasks and target parameters, according to which analogous objects are selected. The algorithm introduces weight indicators for each task, respectively, based on expert opinion and statistics. The result of the tool allows you to use the existing experience in developing similar objects from the database and fill in the missing information.

Materials and methods
The analysis of existing tools for the selection of analogue objects was carried out, a digital database of analogue objects was formed and experts were interviewed. An algorithm for searching and ranking analogous objects using fuzzy logic has been developed. Approbation and evaluation of the tool operation at various fields was carried out.

selection of analogues, fuzzy logic, field development
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