Investigation of the oil and gas potential of megareservoirs in difficult geological and climatic conditions

Shuster V.L. Oil and gas research institute RAS Moscow
DOI: 10.24412/2076-6785-2022-2-26-29

Along with the exploration and development of well-known oil and gas fields in Russia, prospecting and exploration work has begun and continues in regions that are difficult in terms of geological and climatic conditions (Arctic seas shelf, deep horizons). The article examines the conditions for the effective development of oil and gas resources in new areas of exploration. One of the most important factors of profitability of projects is the discovery of significant reserves of deposits, as a rule, confined to megareservaries. Other geological
parameters affecting the oil and gas potential of megareservoirs have also been investigated.

Materials and methods
Published actual data on 14 largest oil and gas fields in the world and in Russia were used. The relationship between the reserves of oil and gas accumulations and the geological parameters of megareservoirs, types
of traps.

megareservoir, large oil and gas fields, Russian Arctic shelf, new facilities
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