The results of a comprehensive study of an unconventional fractured cavernous reservoir on the example of one of the deposits of the Krasnoleninsky district (justification of potentially productive intervals and fracture zones)

Grishchenko M.A. “Tyumen petroleum research center” LLC Tyumen
Smyshlyaeva M.D. “Tyumen petroleum research center” LLC Tyumen
Avramenko E.B. “Tyumen petroleum research center” LLC Tyumen
DOI: 10.24412/2076-6785-2022-2-39-43

This article continues the cycle of scientific publications of “NK “Rosneft” PJSC devoted to the comprehensive study of the Bazhen-Abalaksky complex (BAC) on the territory of the Krasnoleninsky arch. The article presents the main results of analysis of productivity of the studied section and development of fracture zones at the test site of one of the fields of Krasnoleninsky district.

Materials and methods
Materials. Complex laboratory studies were carried out on the core of 11 wells: lithological-mineralogical, sedimentological, biostratigraphic, geochemical, pyrolytic, geomechanical, mercury porometry and microtomographic studies, full-size core fracture studied. Methods. A 1D fracture model and a detailed geological model of the double medium of the BAC strata were constructed. Analysis of productivity of the studied section and development of fracture zones was performed.

Bazheno-Abalak complex, crack model, double medium, 3D model, section productivity
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