Algorithm of separation of production and injection data by sequences, taking into account field geophysical data and hydraulic fracturing (by the example of AV1(3)-AV2-3 object of the Samotlor field)

Shkitin A.A. Tyumen petroleum reseach center LLC Tyumen
Mityakin I.B. Tyumen petroleum reseach center LLC Tyumen
Arkhipova E.L. Tyumen petroleum reseach center LLC Tyumen
Abdrakhimov R.I. Tyumen petroleum reseach center LLC Tyumen
Deriglazov D.N. Tyumen petroleum reseach center LLC Tyumen
Pisarev D.Yu. Samotlorneftegaz JSC Nizhnevartovsk
DOI: 10.24412/2076-6785-2022-3-34-38

The purpose of this work is to use a proprietary digital tool to create a monthly process for separating historical cumulative production and injection by the selected sequences of the development object, taking into account actual field geophysical survey data and hydraulic fracturing to find zones of localization of current recoverable reserves.

Materials and methods
The authors of the work performed a detailed analysis of the geological structure and degree of formation opening, clarified the division of the target object AV1(3)-AV2-3 into 4 and constructed authors maps of the sequences. An algorithm was developed to divide production and injection in the target by sequence, using field geophysical survey data,
hydraulic fracturing, perforations and inclinometry, taking into account gyroscopes, conductivity (KH) joint objects, well log interpretation data and authors maps. The algorithms were implemented as a program for separating indicators by stratas on the basis of monthly production and injection data (Monthly Production Report). An additional database for disaggregated objects was formed (database on sequences), where the detailed control of development and selection of candidates for geological and engineering operations is performed, as well as the formation of the research work program.

detailed section of the development object by sequences; production and injection separation algorithm; accounting of the digitized field geophysical survey data; accounting of the digitized hydraulic fracturing reports; clarification of the residual oil reserves localization; well intervention planning; management and control of the development
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