Intricate hydrocarbon deposits in the Lower Permian sediments of the southeastern slope of the Russian Platform

Utoplennikov V.K. Oil and gas research institute RAS Moscow
Drabkina A.D. Oil and gas research institute RAS Moscow
DOI: 10.24412/2076-6785-2022-3-41-25

Drilling materials, geological and geophysical studies of the Lower Permian sediments indicate that the southeastern slope of the East European platform within the Volga-Ural oil of the gas-bearing province is highly promising for the identification and involvement in the development of new large oil resources in the deposits of the upper part of the section, adjacent to the Lower Permian rifogenic-carbonate-sulphate fluorine.

Materials and methods
A comprehensive analysis of structural constructions based on the results of drilling of structural prospecting and exploration wells has been carried out. Studies of geological-lithological and petrophysical factors of localization of oil and gas accumulations in the Lower Permian reservoirs have been carried out.

reef formation, oil and gas-bearing province, facial composition, fluid stops
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