Search for new oil and gas accumulation objects in the Lower-Middle Jurassic complex of the Kara-Yamal-Gydan region of Western Siberia

Zinatullina L.I. Oil and gas research institute RAS Moscow
DOI: 10.24412/2076-6785-2023-3-14-17

The article presents the results of paleotectonic reconstructions of poorly studied deep-lying Lower-Middle Jurassic deposits
of the Kara-Yamal-Gydan region of gas and oil accumulation. Promising, from the point of view of oil and gas accumulation, objects in these complexes are identified. The regime of paleotectonic movements during the Lower-Middle Jurassic time of geological history in the study area has been studied. The results obtained allowed us to draw conclusions about new objects of oil and gas accumulation.

Materials and methods
Using the software package and modeling technologies “PetroMod” of the company “Schlumberger”, the reconstruction of the evolution of the sedimentary basin throughout the entire geological history of development was carried out. Methods of basin analysis and analysis of hydrocarbon systems were applied. The objects of study were the Lower-Middle Jurassic deposits of the Kara-Yamal-Gydan region.

oil and gas prospects, Western Siberia, pre-Jurassic deposit,
Lower-Middle Jurassic deposit, Yamal Peninsula, Gydan Peninsula, paleotectonic reconstructions
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