Tectonic development of the southern part of the Mansi syneclise in the mesozoic-cenozoic time (Western Siberia)

Kuznetsov R.O. kuznetsovroipng@gmail.com Oil and gas research institute RAS Moscow
DOI: 10.24412/2076-6785-2023-3-19-25

A technique of paleotectonic analysis was applied to restore the tectonic development of the southern part of the Mansiysk syneclise, taking into account rock compaction effect. It has been quantitatively confirmed that the main increase in the amplitude of structures of the southern part of the Mansiysk syneclise occurred in Cretaceous; during the Cenozoic stage of the development of the territory, there was no a significant increase in the amplitude of the structure. The results of the tectonic development analysis are a basis for reconstructions of naftidogenesis processes and a forecast of oil and gas fields.

Materials and methods
Materials: information from multi-scale geological and geophysical studies, including core studies, well logging interpretations, regional and local seismic data.
Methods: well logging and seismic data interpretation techniques, paleotectonic method, methods of mathematical modeling of the evolution of the sedimentary basin cover were used.

sedimentary cover of the West Siberian geosyneclise, tectonic development, paleostructural sections, rock compaction effect, oil and gas fields
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