Analysis of the field of seismic classes in the modeling of paleo cuts of the vikulov deposits on the example of the sector model of the Krasnoleninsky arch of Western Siberia

Bembel M.R. “Tyumen petroleum research center” LLC Tyumen
DOI: 10.24412/2076-6785-2022-8-10-14

In the process of creating geological and hydrodynamic models and designing the development of objects associated with the vikulov formation, the most difficult task is mapping and further spatial modeling of the so-called “paleo cuts”. The process of constructing a conceptual geological model of the object VK (vikulov formation) includes the identification of embedded river valleys in the deposits of the vikulov formation according to a set of criteria established according to seismic data, geophysical studies of wells and core. Sandstones of the embedded valley complex filling are characterized by a coarser-grained structure and better filtration and capacitance properties. The oil-water contact in these deposits is lower than in the host rocks, and the flow rates are higher. The geometry of prospective deposits within paleorusels is controlled by the distribution of reservoir sandstones within the valley fill.

Materials and methods
A statistical analysis of borehole data was performed, the trend fields of the sandiness coefficient and the positions of the oil-water contact were calculated.

inflow control, inflow control devices, carbonate reservoir, oil and gas field
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