Stochastic inversion for including seismic data in 3D modeling

Gaifulina E.F. Tyumen petroleum research center LLC Tyumen
Reshetnikov A.A. Tyumen petroleum research center LLC Tyumen
Shvydkoy V.S. Tyumen petroleum research center LLC Tyumen
Dorokhov A.R. Sibneftegaz JSC Tyumen
DOI: 10.24412/2076-6785-2022-8-16-21

Presented in the article results show how to effectively integrate seismic data into 3D modeling using stochastic inversion, thereby increasing the reliability of the obtained geological models. For the deposits of PK1920 formations, on the basis of stochastic inversion, an areal forecast of sedimentation environments (facies) identified from well data was made. The resulting three-dimensional geological model more accurately emphasizes the heterogeneity of the distribution of properties in the geological environment, which is especially important when planning production drilling.

Materials and methods
The paper implements the technique of stochastic seismic inversion and analysis of the obtained results for inclusion in a three-dimensional geological model. Angle stacks, well curves of elastic properties and facies, a stratigraphic framework of a three-dimensional geological model were used as input data.

stochastic (geostatistical) inversion, facies
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